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Acne is a common inflammatory disorder of pilosebaceous unit. Acne often begins at puberty with

severity peaks at about 14-18years. It affects both sexes equally.


There are mainly three types of acne scars :-

Ice pick scars,

Rolling scars ,

Boxcar scar.

Acne Scars are treated with the by subscision, Cross TCA & CO2 fractional Laser.

Ice pick scars- narrow (<2mm), deep, well marginated rocket shaped scar where the base of the scar is on the skin surface and the tip lies at a depth.

Rolling scars-4-5mm wide scars occurring as a result of tethering of the dermis to the subcutis leading to a rolling or undulating appearance.

Boxcar scars- round to oval depressed scars with well demarcated vertical edges. They may be shallow or deep. Acne can also cause hypertrophic scars, keloidal scars, sinus tracts and non-specific scars of different shapes and variable depths.

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